Come meet dinosaurs and unicorns

The Naughtiest Unicorn and the School Disco

Pip Bird

Everyone at Unicorn School is SUPER excited about the end-of-term school disco - the pupils and their unicorns can't wait to put on best party clothes and hit the dance floor! Darcy is heading up the disco committee and she is determined to make it the best party EVER. But then she starts to boss everyone around AND hijacks the Quest trying to find more glitter for her giant disco ball, putting everyone in danger! So it's up to Mira and Dave to put things right. Will their friendship survive the term? And will Mira and Dave get to show everyone their awesome, synchronised disco moves?!

Dave LOVES all food and he's put together this recipe for gingerbread cookies, hoping that you'll make them and he can gobble them all up. He's just THE naughtiest unicorn!

The Dinosaur Who Lost Her Voice

Julie Ballard


Dinosaur Milly Jo has a beautiful singing voice, but when a storm rages and brings down a tree, it falls on top of Milly and she loses her lovely voice!

But can she find a new way to shine with the help of her friends?


Julie Ballard knows a thing or two about resilience! Watch her explain what that means while she shows you some of her favourite pictures from The Dinosaur Who Lost Her Voice.

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