Let your imagination take flight!

The Amelia Jane Collection

Enid Blyton

Meet Amelia Jane! She's a (mischievous) Strong Independent rag doll and she's about to enchant a whole new generation of readers!


Amelia Jane has an uncanny knack for getting herself into mischief and into trouble with the rest of the toys in the playroom – from snipping off pink rabbit's tail to hiding under a big pile of alphabet blocks to scribbling on walls. But really, Amelia Jane has a brave and adventurous heart of gold - and when the toys need rescuing, it's Amelia Jane to the rescue!

A rag doll that goes on adventures? You need a lot of imagination to dream up a story like that, just like Enid Blyton! She also wrote plenty of other creative tales and we think you may have heard of The Wishing Chair, isn't that right? Join in the fun with this activity pack full of puzzles and exercises!


The Biggest Story

Sarah Coyle & Dan Taylor


Errol’s mum is too busy to tell him a story because she has to do grown-up things, but he’s really, really bored. “Why don’t YOU think of a story?” his mum suggests. But Errol thinks this is a silly idea. He doesn’t know how to tell a story.

So he goes out to the garden to think. Just as he’s starting to give up, inspiration strikes and his story starts to grow and grow...

Author Sarah Coyle has recorded a special storytelling video that allows both grown-ups and kids to get involved!

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