DAY 11


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The Magic Faraway Tree

Enid Blyton


Join Joe, Beth and Frannie as they take their cousin Rick on a an adventure he’ll never forget – up the Magic Faraway Tree!


Along with their friends Moon-Face, Saucepan Man and Silky the fairy, the children tumble from the fun of the Land of Toys to the thrill of trying to escape the Land of Dreams. Will they ever make it home for tea?

Immerse yourself in The Magic Faraway Tree! Can you find all the words in the grid?


The Book Without a Story

Carolina Rabei

When the library closes, and the last librarian has gone home to bed . . . the books come alive and tell stories of their adventures. But Dusty the book has never been borrowed and dreams of finding someone to share his story with . . .

Will he find his perfect reader?

Author Carolina Rabei talks you through the story of Dusty and then talks you through how to draw him as well!


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