DAY 10


A Pocketful of Stars

Aisha Bushby

Safiya and her mum have never seen eye to eye. As she struggles to fit in at school Safiya wonders if her mum wishes she was more like her confident best friend Elle.


But then her mum falls into a coma and, when Safiya waits by her bedside, she finds herself in a strange and magical world that looks a bit like one of her games. And there’s a rebellious teenage girl, with a secret, who looks suspiciously familiar . . .

The wonderful Aisha Bushby reads to your from A Pocketful of Stars!

1, 2, 3, Do the Dinosaur

Michelle Robinson & Rosalind Beardshaw

Follow toddler Tom as he teaches you and all his friends exactly how to be a dinosaur. There’s a rumble in the jungle and Tom calls on all his friends to copy him as they chomp, slash, swish and roar together. But when they stumble across a huge hill, they’re in for a big, toothy surprise . . .

Stomp your feet, swish your tail and get ready to do the dinosaur with author Michelle Robinson! 


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