Animals are running riot!

Barry Loser and the Trouble with Pets

Jim Smith

As far back as Barry can remember, he’s always wanted a sausage dog. Who cares if they bark the whole time, do poos everywhere, need three walks every day and stop you going to the cinema with your friends? Not Barry. Until he actukeely gets a real-life sausage dog, that is . .

Did you know that author Jim Smith also does all the illustrations for his books? Here he is showing you how to draw Barry Loser. Grab pen and paper and start practicing!

Listen and watch as Jim Smith reads you a chapter from Barry Loser and the Trouble with Pets

More drawing fun! Jim Smith shows you how you can draw a sausage dog, just like in the book


There's a Pig up my Nose!

John Dougherty & Laura Hughes

What if a PIG got stuck up your NOSE? How ever would you get it out?

When Natalie has to go to school with a pig stuck up her nose, her whole class gets together to find a way to get the pig out. But how will they do it?

Time to get creative! Make your own pig nose using an egg carton and imagine what it would look like if you ever got a pig up your nose.

Now how exactly did John Dougherty decide he was going to write There's a Pig up My Nose? Find out here!

OINK OINK, pig alert! Illustrator Laura Hughes taught John her drawing secrets so he could show you how to draw a pig.

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